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Share on Facebook03 Mar, 2015

On the 1st of June, Chateau Zegaani will be ready for it's first visitors, interested in winemaking in Georgia. Tourists will make a historical trip (outing) along Chateau Zegaani. They will visit a small cognac plant, walk along the storehouses and wine cellars with oak tuns and large-tonnage pitcher (Qvevri). They will have a glance to a separate wine bottling, located in the walls of this ancient building.
In conclusion, in a big fireplace hall, for everyone will be waiting wine tasting of Chateau Zegaani, where the sommelier will tell the taste characteristics of our wines and will give recommendations of choice, serving and their keeping.
Upon tourists' wish, there will be offered vineyard visiting together with visiting monastery dating of 5th century, situated near Chateau Zegaani.
After excursion and tasting, we will be glad to see our guests, upon their desire, in Georgian Restaurant "Pappri", where guests can taste main Georgian traditional dishes and of course, any of our wines.