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The creation of our wines begins with a vine. Chateau Zegaani is located in the Mukuzani micro-region, which, due to its climatic conditions and soil composition, occupies a special place among the terroirs of Georgia. The location of our vineyards on the northern mountainside prevents stagnation of excess moisture and promotes natural ventilation of the vineyard.

Twenty hectares of vineyards is the volume that allows us to care for the vines in accordance with our environmental principles.

Throughout the whole annual cycle of nurture of the grapevine, we create the most comfortable conditions for its maturation and fruit-bearing. We do it consciously by choosing sparing techniques, since we are truly convinced that such traditional approach to viniculture, which was used for centuries by our ancestors, is at the heart of great winemaking. 

Supports in our family vineyards are made of oak and acacia.

Pruning of vines, thinning of leaves, and harvesting are carried out manually.

We use the fiber of the corn tops to tie the vines twice a year, so as not to cause even the slightest mechanical damage to the vine.

We do not use insecticides or herbicides. We use natural fertilizers (cow dung).

As a result of environmentally friendly attitude and state-of-the-art technology, we get grapes of a different quality, and, consequently, qualitatively different wines.