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As envisaged by its builders, Chateau Zegaani was originally designed and built as a winery.  On the territory of the farm, there are ancient wine cellars under each building site.  Each unit has its own purpose in the process of winemaking. Everything is saturated with history here and we are a part of this history. This inspires us to create special wines with the rare character and the unique taste of these fantastic places

David Tatulashvili – the owner of Chateau Zegaani


We cultivate two varieties of grape vine - red Saperavi and white Rkatsiteli. Using two different technologies and selected grapes, we create four kinds of Chateau Zegaani wine



Georgian Qvevri is a wine clay jug, treated with beeswax from the inside and with lime from the outside. Qvevri is placed vertically under the ground; this allows the wines to avoid temperature fluctuations, and also, due to the cone-shaped bottom of the vessel, makes their contact with precipitation minimal. With Saperavi from Qvevri we get a rich and flavorful “Zegaani Red winе”. With the aging period of two years in Georgian Qvevri, the wines gain an amazing depth and intensity of taste.

Grapes “Rkatsiteli” with two years of aging in Qvevri give us sensual “Zegaani Kakhuri” characterized by a rich amber color and a hint of honey in taste.



Applying the technology of 1888 and using two years old oak barrel-aged Saperavi from our cellars, we make the noble “Mukuzani”, the legend of Georgian winemaking.

With Rkatsiteli, with an aging period of more than two years in oak barrels, we get exquisite and distinguished “Zegaani White wine” with a piquant taste, revealing new facets in the process of its maturity.



Twice a year, on traditional closed tastings, we select our best wines, which have a high potential and are ready to meet with their connoisseurs.

Theoretically, at the stage when the bottle of wine leaves the chateau cellar, our responsibility to the buyer ends there. From then on, the evolvement of wine will depend on its proper transportation and storage. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to have a control over that process, but we can provide the seller and you with recommendations in this regard. As for the protection of wines, we are pleased to inform you that all our wines are equipped with a bubble code, by means of which you can independently verify the authenticity of each bottle of “Chateau Zegaani”. By its degree of protection against counterfeits the bubble code on a wine bottle is equated with a unique fingerprint of a person.